There are times traveling when I feel like I am living out the movie Lost in Translation. 64 hours of traveling to get to one place with stopovers in various strange locations at all times of the day and night. A few days ago I arrived in Puerto Alegro, Brazil waiting for yet another night to be spent sleeping on a bus. When I arrived here it was a breath of fresh air. I took a taxi to the centre of town, set myself a goal to take 12 photos in 12 hours with my iPhone to capture the city. The light was incredible, the shadows from the buildings in the morning light beautiful. I felt alive. I walked for 4 hours, got myself completely lost until I couldn’t walk any more I sat on the steps of a square in the centre of town and watched as the world sped by. Who are all these people? Where are they going? What is this city? What is this country I realize I know nothing about? It looks like places I have been before but it is all so foreign. These days of being completely alone, observing and questioning myself are not the times I will remember about traveling but they are when inspiration is born and thoughts become clear preparing me to experience all that the next place will have to offer and for that I am happy to have moments Lost in Translation.